ART TAP episode 100

On tap this week are director Laurie Russell, choreographer Brian Kocher, and actor Kate Walker, all working to bring to the Civic Theatre stage a magnificent production of Mamma Mia! We have some laughs while recounting the experience of rehearsing and planning the show, which is nearly completely sold out at this point and will be quite the spectacle. Watch for the flask…

I recognize the milestone that this 100th episode represents, and I wish I could celebrate it more elaborately. I’m going to try to get organized enough to make some sort of commemoration online. But in the meantime, let’s just say… 
I want to thank ALL of my guests – people who have entrusted me, and all of us, with their personal stories of creativity. You’ve all taught me things or brought things to life that we should all be aware of. I thank you for all the conversations – every one of them. 

And I want to thank ALL of my supporters; financial backers and those who’ve offered encouragement and those who keep listening in. You are all a part of the conversation and I’m deeply indebted to you.

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