ART TAP episode 063

On tap this week are three guests who have been guests previously on the podcast and with whom I feel a great kinship, Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos, Steve Martin, and Rachel Lopez.  Each is a produced and/or published playwright and a member of the greater Lafayette theatre community.  I thought I’d get them all at the same table and conduct a session of “Playwright Talk.”

Along with thoughts on the current nature and themes of American theatre, Steve shared a 10-minute play called “80 Cards” he’d seen recently, read by an actor from note cards sight unseen.  Rachel shared that she saw an inventive production of “A View from the Bridge” by Arthur Miller at the Goodman Theatre.  And Kelly talked about a play called “Route 84 House Fire: Three Miles from Train Tracks, Nine From a Hydrant” by Jesse Salsbury.

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