ART TAP episode 022

On tap this week is a very unique episode, as it brings together the “Arts Coffee Group,” a unique group that has been connected by a thread of once weekly coffee meetings that created a unique interconnectedness through the arts and culture in the Lafayette-West Lafayette region.

The Arts Coffee group, forever wanting for a better name, began meeting by my records in March 2005.  It became a weekly coffee hangout, just for us all to compare notes, discuss common issues, vent a little steam, and create some camaraderie.

In addition to a lot of anecdotes of our projects and brainstorming sessions, several Look-ups were shared:
Steve Koehler of Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette provided a follow up segment to an earlier episode of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight on Warren G. Harding and an imaginatively utilized wax figure, as well as a few Academy Award nominees having some good clean fun.  OK, so maybe not so "clean."  Here’s the original post, and here’s the trailer for a future sequel,

Shelley Lowenberg-deBoer shared a rather frightening commercial to the “Trumpy Bear,” which is apparently a real thing – though we cannot be sure of its intent as a genuine product or satire.  See what you think:

Julia Colby offered a new artist named Shaina Taub.  Here’s a link to her website,

And I shared something that showed up on my feed today, a special Text Santa Downton Abbey Christmas celebration, that’s worth seeing again, and seasonally appropriate:

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