ART TAP episode 021

Episode 021 a review episode – a week without a guest!  After 20 episodes, it seemed like a time to sit back and review how things are going and what I’ve heard.  It’s a short episode so it’s bite-size and full of flavor.

I started this project 5 months ago, on somewhat little more than a whim, a laptop, and the charity of friends who would sit and talk with me.  As I always say, the intent of my ART TAP conversations is to make the arts accessible and interesting to anyone and everyone and to knit together the diverse cultural community with a shared conversation of our experiences.  I’ve strived to humanize our creative folk to let people know that creative activity is not far away from them or mounted up on a pedestal.  It’s actually very accessible and much closer to their own experiences than they might think.

Lots of Look-ups in this episode, compiled from the interviews:
Steve Koehler of Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette provided a segment from an episode of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight on Warren G. Harding and an imaginatively utilized wax figure, as well as a few Academy Award nominees having some good clean fun.  OK, so maybe not so "clean."  NSFW warning.

Rich Rand from Purdue Theatre talked about two clips of Bruce Springsteen performing his own song, “The River,” once from the early 1980’s and once more recently.  The change in the performer and the maturation of the performance are profound, and it reflected beautifully on Rich’s own recognition of his changing and mature artistry.

Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos offered up “Oh, Elaine” a scene from Squareheads of the Round Table, by the Three Stooges.  It’s perhaps the most silly and simple guilty pleasure that’s been shared – and a whiplash departure from her Southern Gothic sensibilities!

Sara Mummey shared with us a link from The Washington Post, a dynamic interactive presentation titled “This Is Your Brain On Art.”  Beautiful to watch play out on your screen and very thought-provoking.

Jenn Tordil’s Look-ups were stimulating e-zines to which she goes for inspiration and for some strangeness in their offerings.  If, like me, you get tired of seeing the same realist barns or abstract wipe paintings, then you owe it to yourself to visit these sites for some fresh and sometimes scary image experiences – Hi-Fructose magazine ( and Juxtapoz magazine (

And I shared a fantastic little earworm I can’t shed myself of lately – truly a guilty pleasure.
“She’s a Bad Mama Jama” by Carl Carlton.  It’s been a dance club hit forever, and could be seen as a bit inappropriate in this day and age.  But it’s a crazy fun funky tune that you can’t not dance to.

Bonus: one of my favorite go-to sites is Archaeology Magazine,   I go there regularly to see what’s “new” in the world of archaeology, namely what’s been recently discovered or uncovered.  I am endlessly fascinated by the occasional glimpses we get into the world that existed before ours.  And the Archaeology Magazine site always has little articles on caches of coins discovered under farm fields, swords pulled from lakes and bogs, and my personal favorites, mosaic floors uncovered under several feet of soil.  These beautiful artworks hidden for a millennium or more just thrill me.

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And now some feature arts and culture events in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area for the week of November 27th – some of these events are ticketed and some are free.  Go to the Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette Calendar of Events at “” for more information:

Christmas at the Haan Mansion runs through December 31st – including historic Indiana paintings, antiques, and trains running through several rooms.
Through December 8th – exhibitions at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation include the Wabash Valley Artists Society, and paintings by Daniel Driggs and Anne Parks
“Indecisive Moment,” a contemporary photography exhibition, runs through December 9th in the Ringel Gallery at Purdue
“Orie Shafer: All Tied Up” continues at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette through February 11th
Jennifer Westwood and Dylan Dunbar perform at People’s Brewing Company on Tuesday, November 28th 
the Unitarian Universalist Holiday Art Fair takes place at the UU Church in West Lafayette on December 1st and 2nd 
opening December 1st and running two weekends is “Annie,” presented by Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette at The Long Center for the Performing Arts
Nine Irish Brothers in West Lafayette presents The Fifetones on December 1st 
The Purdue Christmas Show opens on December 2nd at Elliott Hall of Music
The Why Store performs at the Delphi Opera House on December 2nd 
The Infringements play at the 6th Street Dive on December 2nd
Ennis Clare performs at Nine Irish Brothers in West Lafayette on December 2nd

Again, for more information on these events, go to the Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette Calendar of Events at “