ART TAP episode 014

(Image artwork, from Scott's play "Insane with Power," pencilled by Brendon Fraim and inked by Brian Fraim (;  colored by Rex Lokus (;  commissioned by David Standish of Port Tobacco Players in La Plata, MD.)

Episode 014 features an interview with Scott Haan, a lifelong community theatre devotee, self-confessed pop culture junkie, and playwright.  Scott’s presence in the regional theatre community has inspired a lot of devotion and is being celebrated in “Tall Guy, Short Stories,” a Ten-Minute play festival presented by Clinton County Civic Theatre.
You can find links to Scott’s personal work at his website, and
The “Tall Guy, Short Stories: Ten-Minute Plays by Scott Haan” in Frankfort from October 12-15 has a Facebook event here.
Clinton County Civic Theatre:

This week's "Look Up":
Scott shared a trio of videos, a quirky excursion into the world of “Dr. Horrible”:  A writer’s strike effort by Joss Whedon, and starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion, it quickly became a cult favorite.  Enjoy!

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