Friends - As you are aware, I’ve recently made a commitment to hosting a weekly podcast called ART TAP.  Through ART TAP I want to share conversations on the arts and culture, focusing on personalities, influences, and passions.  The intent is to make the arts accessible and of interest to anyone and everyone and to knit together the diverse cultural community with shared dialogue on our experiences.

As there are no longer many sources for regular features on the arts, I hope you’ll consider supporting ART TAP with a regular donation.  A PayPal donation button has been installed on the blog page for one-time donation, and a support page has been established at Patreon, a source for support of creative people of all types.  You can visit the page at to watch a video on the podcast (thanks to Steve Scherer), see what I have to offer in return for various levels of support, and hopefully become an ART TAP patron.

*Next up on ART TAP:  Sara Mummey of Lafayette Symphony Orchestra

I’m very grateful for your trust and support!
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