Binge-podding at sea

“Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America, from border to border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea. Let’s go to press.”  (Walter Winchell)

It would seem that ART TAP has now reached “...the ships at sea.”  
A great and long-time friend of mine from high school, Captain Andy, who is now based in Seattle and pilots boats all over the world, wrote me the other day about the podcast:

“Last night and into this morning I was running a research boat up the Pacific Coast of Washington and heading into the Straits of Juan de Fuca, and just barely within range so our cell-modem could keep our internet connection alive [buffering, buffering....].  This is solo watch-standing stuff, with only a single person awake and driving the boat, and as you might imagine it can get a mite dull...

‘Ah ha’, says I, ‘this is a great opportunity to try out and give a listen to Craig’s podcast.’
So I hope perhaps it gives you some vicarious thrill, or bragging rights amongst your podcasting brethren, or maybe just some small giggle?  but there it was, in the offshore waters, a lonely boat at sea, binge-podding(?) through your first 4 episodes!”

Thanks, Captain Andy, and all the listeners at sea... (or on land for that matter).