ART TAP episode 009

“Artists are in the business of awe.”

Episode 009 features an interview with Dr. Will Miller, ordained minister, former standup comedian, keynote speaker, teacher, and full-time therapist.  He may be best known for guest spots on The Bob and Tom Show and for being Nick at Nite's resident television therapist and the host of the "Why We Watch" segments starting in 1992.  Most recently he is the author of the book “Miserable @ Work” and the podcast “The Dr. Will Show.”  We ramble over a number of topics, such as his weekly ministering at “The Gathering,” the creative mindset, and Patreon, a site for the support of creative individuals (upon which ART TAP will be appearing soon…).
You can find Dr. Will online at –
Dr. Will’s Neighborhood and

I’ve found an artist named Beth Cavener coming up in my feed several times and I thought she had relevance to my guest today.  Cavener creates large ceramic figures of animals, beautiful and lyrical forms that are seemingly twisted and affected by suggestions of human psychology.  I encourage you to seek out these intriguing forms at:

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