ArtTap Episode 002

Episode 002 features an interview with Steve Koehler, Managing Director of Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette and a "Look Up" for John Oliver fans.  I've known Steve for years but really got a better appreciation for his background and the work of a lighting designer in this conversation.  Civic Theatre does amazing work in and with the community, with hundreds of individual volunteers playing a part in almost all aspects of productions throughout the year.

I want to thank Steve for being my first interview guest on the ART TAP podcast, and a good and patient one at that.

Information on Civic Theatre can be found at their website and @Lafayettecivic.  I encourage you to take note of their upcoming schedule of productions and make a habit of attending.  A new season of MainStage, Children's Youth Theatre, and Staged Readings begins again in September.

I mention an article I recently found on a blog I visit called Colossal.  Information on The Parthenon of Books by Marta Minuj√≠n can be found here.

And Steve provided this week's "Look Up," a segment from a recent episode of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight on Warren G. Harding and an imaginatively utilized wax figure, as well as a few Academy Award nominees having some good clean fun.  OK, so maybe not so "clean."  NSFW warning.  The segment can be found here - enjoy!

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